• Included With Each Rental Included with each rental
  • Hong Kong Things To Do Hong Kong in your hands Access the entire city at the push of a button.
  • Hong Kong Deals Your travel companion Register. Pick up. Explore.
  • Keep everyone in the loop - A postcard takes a week. A phone call takes only a minute. Keep everyone in the loop A postcard takes a week. A phone call takes only a minute.
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At handy, we're redefining the way people travel so you can experience the very best things to see and do in Hong Kong.

Our handy includes:

Hong Kong Travel Guide

Each handy device comes with a built-in city guide, with categories covering restaurants, shops, experiences, bars, and attractions. With just a few clicks, users can pinpoint their exact location on a map, reserve a table at a waterfront restaurant, or navigate their way to the nearest attraction. Learn more

Exclusive Deals

For those looking for a little more, handy has handpicked a number of exclusive deals from around the city, including discounted tours, massage packages, and tasting menus at the most decadent eating establishments. Learn more

Apps + More

handy comes preloaded with a collection of applications that will enhance your travel experience in Hong Kong. These include maps, digital publications, award-winning games, and a host of other entertainment options. Learn more

Unlimited 3G Internet Access

Frenzied searches for Wi-Fi should be a thing of the past. Since the handy rental fee includes unlimited 3G data access, it will be like you never left home. Browse the web, check your emails, and stream music and videos anytime you want. It's that easy. If you travel with your laptop, you can even connect it to the internet using handy as your own personal Wi-Fi hotspot. Learn more

Unlimited Local and International Calls

Staying in touch with the ones you love shouldn’t be a hassle. At handy, we strongly believe in staying connected, no matter where you are. That’s why we give you unlimited local and international calls. Now that’s something to call home about. Learn more
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